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Ørsted has 15 active people and teams in their network. People have added 24 projects . The most common types of projects are VirtualReality, Advertising, and Orsted. The most active contributors to Ørsted projects are Peter Fisher, Simon Lajboschitz, and Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen. Most typical verified roles include Project Manager, Drone Film Producer, and Technical Lead. The top agencies associated with Ørsted are Khora, Createch Garage, and Nosco.

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Brand & Marketing

360° VR Space Safari with Helen Sharman

  • Ørsted
  • +5

preview media of Celebration of Electromagnetism
  • Ørsted
  • +4

preview media of VR Flight Exposure

Digital Products

VR Flight Exposure

  • Ørsted
  • +3

preview media of Ørsted Innovation Challenge
  • Ørsted
preview media of Ørsted Green Deal motion film
  • Ørsted
preview media of The View From the Top of a Wind Turbine in 360°
  • Ørsted

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360° VR Space Safari with Helen Sharman

Steve Harwood

Film Producer

Casper Arp Knudsen

CG Artist & Illustrator

Peter Fisher

Technical Lead

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preview media of Khora
preview media of Peter Fisher

Technical Lead

preview media of Simon Lajboschitz

Content Strategist

preview media of Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen

Programmer & Sound Artist

preview media of Andreas Nicolaj Ryge
preview media of Casper Arp Knudsen

CG Artist & Illustrator

preview media of Christopher Schnoor

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