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Having scientifically proven that copper alloy touch surfaces are antimicrobial, Copper Alliance secured EPA registration and the ability to make public health claims. The ability to “kill the bacteria that cause infections” meant copper could become a major weapon in the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections that are claiming more than 1,000 lives per day around the world. While progressing with clinical trials to prove effectiveness in practice, we needed to prepare the infection control community and motivate the entire value chain involved in specifying, designing and producing the products hospitals would need. We created and tested a range of positioning and naming scenarios with infection control professionals, product designers, and fabricators. The result was a positioning strategy for “Antimicrobial Copper” that would build it into a brand known as the most effective antimicrobial touch surface material. The brand identity guidelines, marketing tools and training were developed to support adoption of the brand by companies at each step in the value chain. The result is growing demand in the infection control community, and a production of a wide range of new products linked by a brand with the power to save lives.
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Michael Sherain

Brand Strategy Consultant

Mark Ronan

Brand Consultant

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