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Click the link below to rate the short film and support the team behind 'Årets Flirt' www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/arets-flirt-/ Summary Luna and Emma have just attended gala at their school and they are now on their way to a party. Along the way the two friends end up in a major discussion. Unspoken feelings and strong attitudes come to the surface and put their friendship at risk. Director - Sabrina Ferguen Script - Ida Friis Sørensen Photographer - Ida Bräuner Madsen, Columbus Damm Løvschall Editor & Sound - Victor Agerskov Cast - Dina Munch Rasmussen, Vera Guadalupe He­s­sel­holt-​Ber­ni­er, August Münster, Alexander Ingdal Institution - KBH Film og Fotoskole Genre - Drama Year - 2020 Duration - 11 min.
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Victor Agerskov

Editor / Sound recording

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