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Brand awareness for the Saxo brand and SaxoTraderGo The Saxo brand had low awareness and people did not know their story, this impacted the quality of leads and the number of new trading and investment clients. There was a need for broad coverage across target groups with a Saxo Bank brand message that would increase attention in tactical messaging for multiple target groups. Our idea and concept was to highlight the benefits and control people have gained from recent innovations in other industries, and relate them to the world of trading and investing with products and technology innovations. We show everyday situations where technologies have improved the status quo and enabled people, allowing them to do something now that they could not have done before. Taking simple, relatable examples of recent disruptions people have already adopted into in their daily lives – and then link them back to the Saxo banks's industry, which is to provide the tools that enable more people to trade and invest in a professional way.
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Samuel Lehn

Sound Designer and Mixer

Marie Fisker

Graphics Designer

Marcel Kleiner

Head of Brand

Mads Marstand

Creative Producer

Kate Kagawa

Post Producer

Kasper Sierslev

Head of Creative and Design, Creative Director

Rasmus Heise


Nanna Baht-Hagen

Head of Marketing

Christian Hoyer

Still Photographer

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