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Canon, which has been through multiple waves of disruption, responds to the heart of the brand's DNA and executes it with a digital service like the GIG App. The prospects are fierce across all events where the mobile camera is not sufficient. Bronze in the Game Changer category goes to the super interesting concept, which based on the core product and good insights around the target group is both well thought, executed and containing great potential. The silver winner of the content creation category has, as few people have realized, that mobile comes first. This is a product that is very much in direct competition with a particular mobile phone. But with a strategy that could have been called "if you can't beat them - and then beat them," here's a campaign that recognizes the behavior of the target audience and helps it to offset the limitations of the mobile by highlighting its own product benefits. UncleGrey for Canon Category: Branded Utilities, Content Creation, Customer or Citizen Experience, Digital Branding, Experimental, Game Changer, New Start Up Technology Winner of Experimental, Winner of Game Changer: Bronze Winner, Winner of Content Creation: Silver Winner Credits from: https://danishdigitalaward.dk/projekt/canon-gig-app-2/ Canon Morten Nørremølle Nordic Marketing Director UncleGrey Jimmy Blom International Creative Director Lars Samuelsen Chief Strategy Officer/Head of Digital Rasmus Veggerby Art Director Carl Angelo Art Director Mathias Nielsen Junior Creative Karsten L. Kirkegaard Digital Director Alexandra Rønde Thielke Account Manager Collaborators MediaMonks Production Background Young Consumers capture the emotionally rich experience with their smartphones all the time. But for some experiences, the mobile camera doesn't cut it. In Canon´s pursuit to take on the threat from mobile photography, we want to place Canon in situations where we can demonstrate the advantages of high-quality photography through visual and emotional experiences and have people engaging with the brand. Concerts are one of these situations where the smartphone camera is useless. The lens is too wide and the images become a messy blur. Solution The solution is the Canon Gig App - a concert app where the users can connect their smartphone to a Canon DSLR camera and take high-quality images in real-time on their smartphone from where they can be shared on social media. The Gig App is a product demonstration that puts a high-quality DSLR experience right in the hands of every fan. In order to promote the Canon Gig App, we made a partnership with the Danish band Turboweekend on their 2015 tour. To get the fans to download the app we used on-location communication at the venue, placed on all spots participants would stay; venue facade, wardrobe, toilets, bar and concert-hall walls. And as the fans joined the venue's Wi-Fi connection they were immediately suggested to download the app. The Canon Gig App is developed for iPhone and Android. The Gig App concept will be implemented with concerts across the Nordic Region in partnerships with artists and venues. Result Canon developed a tool that enables the young tech-savvy generation to experience the visual and emotional advantages of high-quality photography. By creating the Canon Gig App the brand has built a scalable activation idea, as well as a content platform that enables engagement and provides real value for their future customers. The average user took more than 60 pictures. 41% of the pictures were shared on the users' social media platforms. Canon rolled out this initiative across the Nordic Region and the technology allowed Canon the flexibility to be present at everything from small intimate concerts to large summer festivals. The technology provides Canon with a platform that could be extended beyond the realm of music to everything from sporting venues to tourist attractions, creating an opportunity to scale the initiative to other segments and age groups.
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