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In the old brewhouse at the Carlsberg site in Copenhagen, Carlsberg had an ambition to create a Brand & Experience Centre that would attract 400.000 tourists annually. The centre should draw parallels to Carlsberg’s heritage and authenticity, which continues to live and breathe on the ‘berg’ where it all began back in 1847. Carlsberg received 64 entries and LOOP Associates was shortlisted as one of the five teams, to transform the historic site, into an outstanding Brand & Experience Centre. With a common ambition of challenging the established understanding of a traditional Brand & Experience Centre, we formed a strong team with our friends at UiWE, Effekt, Arhesia and Niras Engineers. Whilst the history of Carlsberg and the heritage of the site are important and valuable, we found it just as important that the Brewhouse not just became a museum for Carlsberg, but also a living laboratory and test bed for future activities. A place where new things would arise. Although the team of Ralph Appelbaum Associates won the competition, our proposal was voted as the peoples favorite in a survey made by Carlsberg.
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Mike Ingvorsen

Graphic Design and Graphic Production

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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