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A Virtual Reality dance film. CENTAUR is a new, innovative dance performance by Pontus Lidberg for Danish Dance Theatre that examines the consequences of using artificial intelligence. The title “Centaur”, inspired by the half-horse half-human creature from Greek mythology, is also the name of a computer-science concept that elevates human qualities by combining artificial and human intelligence. Pontus Lidberg is known for his unique, poetic work with a hint of magical realism, where emotion and the subconscious are some of the core elements. In Centaur, he explores what happens when dancers encounter a newly developed artificial intelligence program. The AI called ‘David’, programmed exclusively for the project is both co-creator and participant. It influences choreographic composition based on different data sets such as planetary movements, swarm technology, and the dancers’ movements that have been tracked and collected throughout the creative process. As a performer, it can simulate consciousness, emotion, and intention and interact with the dancers. A VIRTUAL 360-DEGREE FILM EXPERIENCE The VR installation is an extension of the project, adapted for VR headsets. It’s a 360-degree experience that features passages from the stage performance. Using VR headsets, the audience is able to get close to both the dancers and the technology. It takes you on a journey with the possibility of choosing your own perspective on the dance.
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