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Closest to the Fish, the Customer and the Consumer

  • Royal Greenland
Closest to the Fish, the Customer and the Consumer preview
Closest to the Fish, the Customer and the Consumer preview
Closest to the Fish, the Customer and the Consumer preview
  • Description

    You probably know Royal Greenland from the shrimp in the refrigerator counter. But you may not know that Royal Greenland is one of the only fisheries producers that is completely vertically integrated. This means that Royal Greenland has lovingly taken care of your shrimp all the way from the depths of the ocean, to processing, packaging, and lastly to your dinging table. 

    This is why their sustainability and quality goals are top-notch. Of course, this does not only apply to shrimp - also the numerous other fish and seafood products that Royal Greenland produces meet the same standard. 

    That story, Royal Greenland invited us aboard to help them with a new global, digital platform.

    The task, on one hand, was to tell the story of the brand to wholesalers, partners, and purchasers. An audience that does not necessarily have to have its fingers in the final product, but is interested in annuals, reports and the story of Royal Greenland.

    On the other hand, the site had to inspire every chef to put more fish on the menu. But only in the professional kitchen, there are almost as many chefs as there are fish in the sea. Therefore, there must be an inspiration for both the canteen manager, who trades for a large-scale operation in the giant canteen, and for the à la carte chef, who places with wholesome precision the whitefish as the crown of his work.

    In order to meet both target groups and put the brand in focus, we have let the design be based on Royal Greenland's maritime universe.

    Big, delicious food images dominate and make the site stink of fish - in a good way. As a user, you can almost hear the ripple and taste the salty sea when you visit the site. At the same time, the products are sharpened when the professional chefs are invited to dive into a sea of inviting recipes, good tips, and tricks.


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    • Royal Greenland


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