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Hvítir Hrafnar (eng: White Ravens) is an album made by the Icelandic artist dady. Up until Hvítir Hrafnar, dady's albums have been mainly focused on different angles of love. On Hvítir Hrafnar dady ventures from two angles into his regrets of the past and how they were processed emotionally, with no filter. This is mixed with the perspective; why don't people talk about this more, am I the only one?. The soundscapes of each track try to communicate the underlying feelings in a more simple way; anger, loneliness, masked happiness, & more. https://open.spotify.com/album/2xVmDY5xnB1Vlu2MbTDbej?si=62dO61I1Riu6e6GOvtMatA https://www.dadymusic.com/music
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Oddur Ingi Kristjánsson

Audio Engineering/Production/Mixing

Garðar S Jónsson

Mastering Engineer

Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

photographer and videographer

Arnar Freyr Frostason

featured rapper

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