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Musicon has manifested itself as the flagship of architecture and events at an international standard with more than 100,000 visitors and 90 events annually. A rock music museum, companies, apartments, artists’ workshops, theatres, and events. All of it part of the Musicon project. An old factory area, with a total floor area of 250.000 square metres was going to convert Roskilde into a hub of experience economy. Musicon wanted LOOP Associates to develop the signage design – making it easy for people to navigate the city. We developed the signage design with an anchor in the identity of Musicon identity; large-scaled, twisted, untraditional in its expression, and a creative and vigorous part of Roskilde. Thus signalling the first visible changes from old factory area to bursting experience economy. A lot of individuals, project organisations, and companies were housed at Musicon. The signage therefore also propagates knowledge about current activities as well as navigation. Part of the signage system consists of mobile units, updated regularly for changing events.
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LOOP Associates

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Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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