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Denmark’s fourth-largest bank sought to integrate all of its business units into a modernised corporate identity – one that would inspire trust in customers and stakeholders alike and equip the bank for the challenges of today. Sydbank, however, faced a highly competitive market. Sydbank wanted to distinguish itself as a warm and honest institution dedicated to developing relationships with its customers. We collaborated with them to develop a new and improved corporate identity. We redesigned the cornerstone of the bank: The corporate logo. We went on to overhaul numerous elements comprising the customer and stakeholder-experience – including signage, credit cards, websites, and printed communication. We conducted a full-scale implementation of a modern, integrated corporate identity. We created design and photography guidelines – including an image bank, best-practice examples, and comprehensive templates. We also developed a marketing program and merchandising materials. The result is a modern, strong and differentiated visual identity which demonstrates Sydbank’s contemporary, warm, and trustworthy image.
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Mike Ingvorsen

Graphic Design and Graphic Production

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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