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Napatech is a leading producer of technology that makes it possible for the most demanding corporate, telecom, and government networks to keep up with the exponential growth of data, but the company was not widely recognized for that role. Napatech had to find a way to articulate its differentiation beyond technology features. To solve this, we conducted a series of workshops and customer interviews in Europe and the US. Then, developed a positioning strategy focused on owning the core idea of "reliably increasing performance". Then, we revised the marketing strategy to reach prioritized industries and channel partners more efficiently. We created a new visual identity, corporate film, industry and product films, a new website, and a corporate brochure to support the re-launch. We also created new mission, vision, and values, and a 'cultural uniqueness program' that prepared employees for the launch. The company was re-introduced at a major industry event, bringing increased recognition and engagement.
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Pim Schuitemaker

Management Consultant

Michael Sherain

Management Consultant

Borislava Kyurkchieva

Project Manager

Merete Busk Zimmer

designer / art director

Ingvild Haug

Product marketing role

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