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LOOP Associates was invited to participate at Autostadt, which is the brand experience centre and main production facility of Volkswagen that attracts 2 million visitors yearly. Autostadt wanted to redesign part of the exhibition space and create a new experience focusing on key themes of car production – both from the perspective of the Volkswagen Group as well as from the perspective of the visitor. We teamed up with Effekt Architects and Thank You Studio and created a proposal consisting of three exhibition rooms: The Mirror Room, the 5 Pillars of Production, and the Library. The aim was to place the spectator in the centre of the experience, making him/her feel as more than just a spectator looking at a beautiful picture, but as though they become a part of the space itself. We created a space that is both tangible and changeable, where each spectator has a role in customising an individual experience. The experience caters to the collective and afford the visitor a sense of togetherness and of co-creating a common experience.
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