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The revaluation of a brand story and value. With 145 years of artisan history, an iconic furniture collection from the hands of the founding fathers of Danish Design and a truly unique workshop with the best craftsmen in the country, Rud Rasmussen has the perfect platform to develop into the future. Rud Rasmussen is a raw diamond with a history alike far greater companies like Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Identical in legacy and tradition but minuscule in commercial performance and awareness. Being recognised as the most exclusive provider of handcrafted design masterworks, it is important continuously promoting and developing a unique collection of past, present, and future masterworks based on the Danish design tradition, heritage, and crafts. However, the visual identity was out-of-sync, not expressing the brand authenticity.
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Mike Ingvorsen

Graphic Design

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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