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LOOP Associates worked with Samsung to develop a design-expression spanning product categories and showcasing the ability of the brand to complement the Scandinavian lifestyle and environment. To do so, we emphasised Samsung’s Danish-inspired product designs, opening the eyes of Scandinavian consumers to Samsung’s very real passion for the Nordic region. Creative concepts and campaigns were complemented with inspiring exhibitions and unique partnerships between Samsung and Danish Design Center, Danish Design Museum and Red Cross.Storytelling strategies have during the last five years cemented the close ties between Samsung, Scandinavia, and Scandinavian design, and stirred pride in the Nordic consumer base. Consumers today recognise Samsung’s unfaltering efforts to pair quality with Scandinavian design. The brand has successfully broken the conventional dominance of the competition in several product categories and exceeded the market share of Apple in the Nordic regions in 2012.
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LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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