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The success of any project depends on having the right people in the right roles — as employees, freelancers, or agencies. One of the best ways to find the right fit for a new project or position is to see what they’ve done in the past. What roles have they had in similar projects? Who have they worked with in the past? For which brands have they done projects? Until now, answering these questions was nearly impossible. Feats Search makes it easy. Feats Search offers a fast-growing, unique dataset of the verified roles people had in projects. These project-based track-records enable new visibility into project ecosystems, from marketing to product development. Three ‘use cases’ guided our development: · Find people with specific experience · Find projects like your next project; discover the people behind them · Find brands you can learn from; explore their projects and people Read more: https://medium.com/@featsofficial/building-the-best-teams-by-getting-to-know-peoples-work-b473fccb8fca?source=friends_link&sk=b42c124b74dc345dd363aea7183349df
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Michael Sherain

Product Manager

Erik Fiala

Product Designer

Carlo Pascual


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