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While we were working for CaridianBCT, the global leader in blood component technology, they were acquired by Terumo, a diversified medical device company, and combined with Terumo Transfusion to create a new global company. We used a positioning strategy process to accelerate integration and ensure a successful introduction of the new company. Each company nominated key customers and employees to participate in creating and then testing scenarios describing the combined company’s focus. This input enabled us to develop a clear positioning strategy, based on the brand promise of “unlocking the potential of blood.” Working closely with internal teams, we developed a new corporate identity, sales presentations, print collateral, web content, films and other communications. Within four months of the close of the transaction, the new company was introduced at the largest international industry conference with great success. Feedback from customers confirmed their belief in the new company and, most importantly, that they recognized the acquisition would create value for them.
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Michael Sherain

Management Consultant

Mark Ronan

Brand Strategy Consultant

Teri Motheral

VP Blood Center Segment Marketing

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