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Most children that go in an MRI machine have to be sedated. This happens due to them not being able to stand still for so long, and also due to feeling restless with all the unknown noises that the machine makes. To test if they could bring down the number of sedated children, the Research Unit from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Center in Copenhagen reached out to Khora to produce a virtual simulation of what it looked like to go through an MRI scanner. The virtual reality simulation featured a narrator that walked the viewer through what equipment is used for an MRI scan. The user then lays down before going into the virtual MRI scanner to preview what it looks and sounds like inside. https://khora.com/ https://www.teknologisk.dk/
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Peter Fisher

Technical Lead


VR/AR Studio

Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen

Lead Developer, Programmer and Sound Designer

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