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The Cool Kids Klinik has a vast experience in helping children to pass through different fears. However, most of the exposure therapy conducted today still recurs to traditional tools, and most of the time can be a lengthy process. Cool Kids wanted to explore the potential of VR in speeding up the therapy process and approached Khora to work together on creating a new solution. The task was to create an easy and accessible tool to help with the treatment for children suffering from dog phobia using exposure therapy. The tool was meant to be used as a semi-realistic but safe space, where children could face their fears. So, Khora produced an app with a series of 360º videos allowing the viewer to be surrounded by dogs in multiple levels of interaction, and in a controlled environment. The experience is meant to be administered and monitored by the expert psychologist during the session, in order to avoid over-exposure. https://khora.com/ https://cool-kids.dk/
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Peter Fisher

Technical Lead


VR/AR Studio

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