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World to the West

  • Rain
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
World to the West preview
  • Description

    World to the West is an action-adventure game developed by Rain Games. It builds upon the universe of indie hit Teslagrad, which has been played by over 1.6 million people so far.

    World to the West is a pulpy, cartoony top down action-adventure inspired by European adventure comics. Take control of four unique characters —Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind bender and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington—, each with their own motivations, skills, and interweaving storylines, as they seek to escape the dark shadow of an ancient prophecy. Travel trough corrupt colonies, lush jungles, and frozen tundras, as you snoop through the secrets of a forgotten civilization.

    Be careful though. Nothing is ever what it seems. Will you join us in this journey to the West?

    Released in 2017

    Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Indie, Platformer

    Platforms: macOS, Linux, PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

    Unverified Credits:

    Project Lead

    Peter Wingaard Meldahl (Rainypete)


    Baste Nesse Buanes, Fredrik Ludvigsen, Thomas K. Tyssøy


    Aslak Helgesen, Ole Ivar Rudi, Petter Amland

    Press and Community Coordinator

    Mariela Gonzales

    Sound Designer

    Martin Mathiesen Kvale


    Marte Haugsbø

    Music by

    Ingeborg Ekeland, Jorn Lavoll, Linn Katrin Taklo

    Business Manager

    Aleksander Helgesen

    Business Assistants

    Vidar Thorsby, Vincent R. H. Jalland, Trude Gangstad Kraft

    Student Assistants

    Fabian Orre, Janette Tynkkynen, Simon Andersen (Pretty Frenchman)

    Production Babies

    Iben Gannefors, Roald Aleksander Helgesen

    Special Thanks

    Caroline Gannefors, Garman Gannefors, Kåre Rudi, Krillbite Studio, Eirik Surkhe, Ditto, Samuel Fiunte Matarredona, Bergen Game Collective, Spillmakerlauget, Mamma & Pappa, Friele Kaffe


    For Going Above and Beyond, Fran Loscos (@Metr81), Loïc Parra (MetalFox Dioxymore), Tomáš Zahradníček, Aksel Holm, BB Bieganski, Erik Harkestad, Fredrik Løvlien, Isla Schanuel, Kevin Herald Reierskog, Magnus Holm, Marion Claireaux, Mike Benecki, Noel Hoven, Sasha Pantak, Sebastian Grendal, Sigurd Sandberg


    Lars Leegard Marøy, Olav Mellgren

    Production Consultant

    Kaja Hench Dyrlie

    Retail Publisher - Soedesco

    Jack Chauthi, Hans van Brakel, Richard Chauthi, Nandita Ramlakhan, Juney Dijkstra, Renko van den Hout, Bas de Jonge, Mario Goncalves, Bastiaan Roubos, Merel Schaap, Ross Maclean


    Mediefondet Zefyr, Norsk Filminsitutt, Fond for Ly Og Bilde, Made with Unity, Dungbeetle, Soedesco






  • Brand

    • Rain


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