Helping everyone get credit for their work

photo by Annie Spratt

Welcome to Feats

Behind impactful companies and organizations are people doing projects that make it happen—leading the change, building the products, and creating the experiences that shape the future. Feats is a community of these people, helping each other get credit for their work and do future projects better. Find out more:

Helping everyone get credit for their projects.

Your past project teams become a resource for future projects.

The community keeps it real.

You control your credits.

A genuine use case for a blockchain.

We all benefit from increasing transparency.

Feats Principles

These beliefs inspire us and guide what we do.


Credit is a right, giving credit is everyone’s responsibility.


The greater the trust between people, the more they can achieve together.


Securing your past creates more options for your future.

The Feats Team

We are a diverse team based in Copenhagen, biking to work and riding global technology waves.

Michael Sherain

Co-founder from the United States

Michael’s specialty is bringing vision and inspiration to everyone. He occasionally gets frustrated by reality, but (usually) laughs and moves on. Originally from sunny California, Michael is best described as an enthusiastic person with a love for surfing who enjoys reading the latest Silicon Valley news.

Mark Ronan

Co-founder from Ireland

Mark plays the role of the customer at the table, offering deep experience and insight into the most obscure industries and project types. He is a contrarian by nature, yet surprisingly friendly once you get to know him. We all blame it on the meat hook that hit him on the forehead as a child.

Victor Duarte

Head of Development, Co-founder from Brazil

Victor is a self-taught coder who studied computer science for fun. He always keeps the big picture in mind, and lives for the quality of the code. One meal fuels his late nights; Pad Thai. He defends his favorite food with a passion, and no longer needs to use his name when he calls in his order.

Lioba Brand

Project Manager from Germany

Originally from Germany, organizing and planning are like second nature to Lio. She loves untangling chaos and creating a happy work atmosphere for the team. Lio enjoys starting the day off bouldering. She is also a soccer enthusiast (always looking for someone who challenges her in FIFA) and the proud owner of two cats named Peanut and Cookie.

Erik Fiala

Head of Design from Slovakia

His specialty is turning ideas into digital experiences. He is always on the lookout for ways to further his skillset, and finds inspiration all around him. Erik is a creative through and through, loving to compose music and paint in his free time. He also has a nerdy side, knowing all the details about different fantasy worlds.

Carlo Pascual

Head of Frontend from the Philippines

No matter whether he faces code challenges or has to re-implement changed designs, Carlo is always smiling. He truly approaches every task with positivity. Ever since buying a proper jacket, Carlo enjoys taking his camera around the city capturing people and moments. After work, you can also find him trying to conquer the latest hits on his guitar.

André Rossi

Customer Insight from Australia

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