To make Feats a service that works for everyone, make sure to always follow our Guidelines

How do I add a project to Feats?

1. I will only give credit to people I know contributed to projects

Be sure you know both the person and the role they had, before giving credit.

If you are unsure about the role someone is requesting credit for, suggest another role.

2. I will only add final versions that have been made public.

Don’t add ‘work in progress’ or speculative projects.

Always add official versions of images and videos that you have the right to use.

3. I won’t post inappropriate content.

No illegal, pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content is allowed.

Infringing projects will be removed, and the members who added them will be blocked.

4. I will only contact members about serious work inquiries.

Have a specific project or job in mind when contacting other members.

Personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages.

5. I won’t use Feats projects to distribute spam.

Only add projects for the purpose of giving and getting credit for work on that project.

Don’t solicit future projects in the images or films you upload.