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Danske Bank partnered up with LOOP Associates on a common mission to modernise the banks corporate identity. Danske Bank’s existing design was developed in 1999 for the Scandinavian market. In order to encompass the new markets and fulfil the bank’s ambition of being second-to-none when it comes to digital banking, the corporate identity needed a visual update, a more contemporary look., and new standards for visual brand presence on digital platforms. To ensure consistency and maximum brand recognition in the bank’s different markets and segments, we developed a system for visual differentiation which would work on all platforms. By modernising every aspect of the corporate identity and adding new elements to it, we gave the bank a serious and solid, yet more accommodating, look. To ensure consistency and ease of use for Danske Bank, we created: Guidelines An entire set of customisable templates for all media, ranging from digital brochures and posters, to advertisements and billboards. A new set of specially made corporate typographies. A new look and feel of photos. New standards for icons and graphics. An identity that elevates brand impact New design standards were implemented in 15 markets. The gap between existing design guidelines and new digital media was bridged, and Danske Bank’s design is now aligned across all media channels and brands. Cross-platform synergies have been streamlined, and segment differentiation and brand recognition secured in all European markets.
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Mike Ingvorsen

Graphic Design and Graphic Production

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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