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Kass is an app that makes it easier to transfer money. With Kass, you can pay your friends just by knowing their phone number or Kass username. You can also split payments and send bills to your friends. Kass automatically calculates each person's share when you make payments. Campaign A series of unfortunate events: The Pig PART I After spending his last dime on a pizza, our app-less friend finds himself out of gas next to a zoo. On his way to the gas station he is bitten by a pig, changing his life forever... The Grandpa PART II After spending his last dime on a wedding present, our app-less friend has no choice but to hitch a ride home with the bride's grandpa. Little does he know the grandpa is terminally-ill in desperate need of a partner to help complete his bucket list. The Disguise PART III In this 3-minute final act our app-less friend needs to burn down his house and start a new life in disguise, after a video of him eating a hot dog sideways goes viral and causes public embarassment. https://ketchupcreative.com/f
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Hlynur Hólm Hauksson

Director, editor, cameraman

Arnar Eyfells

Head of production

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