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MABA was developed as part of an Innovation for Economic Development Program of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC). The focus was to prototype a business, proving the hypothesis that a profitable business could be created leveraging local resources. The Maba brand identity is an anagram of Bama (short for Alabama) - a true children's product brand. The brand mark spoke to the modular, puzzle-like aspect of the toys as well as the story focus on animals with personality. The children's furniture could transform from a writing/drawing desk to a puppet theater without changing its footprint in the room. All elements were designed with a rigorous eye on human factors, pinch zones for little fingers, and ease of assembly for the adult that requires only 3 steps. The Turtle Wagon was designed to be a learning toy invoking a sense of accomplishment with the child - An all-in-one: puzzle, toy wagon, pull toy, and shape learning toy. Maba was the winner of the 2010 Innovator Award from Southern Growth Policies Board, a think tank formed by the region’s governors.
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Nikki Kurt

Brand Identity

David Mixson

Consultation and development support

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