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Cherry Pop is a website/app made mostly for schools to teach sexual education. Our platform will answer questions, bust myths, visualize what's difficult to explain and start conversations. It will create a healthy and open way to teach young people about sex, puberty, consent, sexual health, mental health, body image, sexuality and more. Cherry Pop uses pop-art design and illustrations to grab the readers' attention and make difficult and often uncomfortable subjects easy to understand and relate to. Vision: Cherry Pop concentrates on lack of information resulting in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, low self esteem and more. We are here to make a change and start an open conversation about sex and everything that comes with it. We want to avoid embarrassing discussions between teachers, parents and students. The app will provide users with data-based articles, colorful illustrations and online support from reliable experts. Values: We dream of a world where people feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what. We want people to feel safe and secure in their sexuality and be able to express themselves however they desire without discrimination. We want to play a part in moving the world towards better health, both physical and mental. Mission: Our mission is to encourage provocative thinking and start open conversation. With the help of experts in the fields related to sex and gender we want to make sure that we only give out reliable, factually correct and helpful advice. It is important for us that young people have a place to look for this information so they don't look to porn or other unreliable sources for guidance. IG: https://www.instagram.com/cherrypop_ed/ Website: https://cherrypop.eu/
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