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The EXPO was held in Zaragoza Spain, with the overarching theme of “water and sustainable development”. Being a world leader in sustainable technology, it was up to Denmark to get the word out. The Danish Pavilion did just that – presenting sustainable technologies which begin small but have the potential to affect real global change. LOOP Associates developed the concept for The Danish Pavilion – “Circles in Water” – and designed a visual identity, website, and all exhibition graphics for the pavilion. The pavilion’s exterior showcased Denmark’s ground-breaking successes in sustainability – at home and across the globe. Inside the interactive, five-cylinder structure, guests felt the power of Nordic nature first-hand, through memorable experiences with ice, wind, water, light, and sound. 900,000 visitors took part in the demonstration of sustainable technology and The Danish pavilion was awarded the silver medal for outstanding design at the Expo. It won in the category of ‘interior architecture’ at C.O.A.A. (El Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Aragón), Zaragoza. The graphic design for the exhibition was awarded a Creative Circle silver award, in the category of Corporate Identity.
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Mike Ingvorsen

Graphic Design and Website Design

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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