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Hello, Feats! Everchat is finally here! 🤩 During the past year, we were working hard on making Everchat happen. Today, we're proud to present you with the first public version of it! We're looking forward to seeing what channels you'll create, what topics you'll talk about, and what we can improve and build to make Everchat better for you. Features in this launch: - Account creation - Your and others' profiles - Create a public channel - Create a thread - Reply - Upvote and downvote - @mention, #hashtag, !channel - Earn karma - Channel members overview - Share (copy link) - Search (channels and people) - Email notifications If you have any feature requests, just reach out to us via the https://everch.at/feature-requests channel. If you want to leave any other feedback, contact us via email or 🐦 Twitter, or the best way is to tell us in the https://everch.at/feedback channel.
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Erik Fiala

Product Designer, Co-founder

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