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Design Museum Denmark, The Danish Embassy in Paris and Copenhagen Visitor Center had a joined goal of embodying the Danish everyday biking culture and highlight the innovative urban design of Copenhagen that supports sustainable transportation. Therefore they wanted to create an experience that could be aimed for an international audience at various events and exhibitions and let users feel the core values of Danish biking culture – why we Danes love to bike! Biking in the city is by nature an immersive 360 degrees experience that involves all the senses, so a VR-experience was a perfect match. Together with Immersive Stories, we created a VR-experience that immersed the user into the center of the story, by literally letting the user experience a day in the main character Maria’s life, biking the streets of Copenhagen – all seen from the front seat of her cargo bike. The film is a small fictional story based on real-life experiences and cases and recorded on location in the streets of Copenhagen with a mix of actors and real-life people. “I Love to Bike” is experienced sitting in a cargo bike in Copenhagen Visitor Center from January 2020 as well as at being a part of exhibitions at the Design Museum Denmark and the Danish House in Paris from fall 2020. https://khora.com/
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Peter Fisher

Technical Lead


VR/AR Studio

Christopher Schnoor

360 Video specialist

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