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I U WE is a Virtual and Augmented Reality ritual that unites individuals through shared experience. A ritual is a sequence of actions involving gestures, words, sounds, and objects. Performed in a cultural context the ritual creates a shared metaphysical world. Technology has the potential to unite people, but increasingly people feel lonely and isolated within contemporary media systems. I U WE offer an experience where Virtual and Augmented Reality becomes a tool to unify participants. With actors, projections, VR, AR, and sound, I U WE joins the group in a visual journey through a new cosmos. This project was created in collaboration with the CPH:DOX at the CPH:LAB and showed at Cannes Marché Next: Virtual Reality Days 2017, and at CPH:DOX 2018. Unverified Credits: Simon Lajboschitz, Katrin Olafsdottir, Julie Bjørnskov, Max Morris-Doherty, and Georg Jagunov https://khora.com/ https://www.cphdox.dk/
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Peter Fisher

Technical Lead


VR/AR Studio

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