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Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1 is the very first cask of fine, organic single malt whisky ever distilled at Nyborg Distilleri. LOOP Associates were tasked with the design of the whisky bottle which represents the craftsmanship and affection of the product. We implemented raw elements like wax seals, ink-stamps and handwritten numbering into the design of the bottle – making every bottle a unique item. The Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1 label design is a modern interpretation of the classic whisky look, and the bold choice of splitting the label in two makes the whisky bottle stand out. The crosses symbolise the geographic location of Nyborg Distillery, which is situated on the island of Funen (Fionia) in the centre of Denmark. Isle of Fionia Whisky received an extraordinary prize at the Organic Gold Award because of the its superior quality and design.
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LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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