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About The Film There’s no doubt that the Corona-crisis has been terrible. But it has also been a possibility to see things differently. As individuals, as a society and creatively. Here’s the second film we’ve done (along with great people!) during the Corona-crisis. Creatively, the Corona-crises has turned out to be an interesting dogma. And in this case, it has provided us with a totally unique location: Completely deserted streets of Copenhagen! It is both beautiful and dystopian when singer Johan Kolstrup stands one man in an empty Copenhagen, performing his new single: ‘Motorcykelkapløb’ (“Motorbike race”). The empty streets reflect a ‘Corona-era’ where we are to ourselves - and where uncertainty plays a big part in our mind. But in the stand-still there is also a unique opportunity to look inward. As Johan frazes it: “I hope that the break the Corona crisis has given us, can teach us how to slow down and work on our ability to live in the present. Both we as individuals and our planet are in great need of this." says Johan Kolstrup. During the shoot Jeppe Kolstrup (the director) was actually in corona-isolation. So he had to direct the team via Facetime! Thanks to DP Jacob Møller and Drone-pilot Tao Ahler for being the heroes of the field! With the music video, we've created a document of the Corona crisis - and we hope the video and song will remind people that even in the worst times of crisis, you can get something positive out of the situation. Idea & concept - fern. Direction - Jeppe Kolstrup DP – Jacob Møller Drone – Tao Ahler Edit + color - Jonas Bech Vestergård Drone-assistens - Mortén Lyn, Andrea Nørgaard Preiss, Amalie Kjær Boel, Rikke Arpe, Elisabeth Kolstrup, Jens Kolstrup. PR/sociale - Troels Krankér Record label - No Angel Records. Thanks to - Emil Øllgaard Vilhelmsen Production – fern. Reduced Production Footprint Climate score: 96.91 % Total carbon footprint estimated: 496 kg Total amount CO2 compensated: 3.58 tonnes Read the full climate report here: https://www.greenproducers.club/report/5e9876bdd03ca50004c75470 www.fernstudio.dk
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Tao Ahler

Drone operator

Morten Lyndrup

Major ground control

Jacob Møller


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