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Nuna is a self-care solution enabling mental well-being through the shape of an alpaca character. This project evolves around the creation of the concept, design and first version of the product as well as launch. The development of the app was carried out in 3 phases: Alfa + beta tests with gradually more advanced content and features and finally a launch in the summer of 2020. The app is based on science and skills from various fields such as psychology, sleep research, neuro science, design and machine learning. Together, this combines traditional UI elements with an embedded AI bot, which intelligently help users navigate mental challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression through conversation and exercises. See more: https://www.nuna.ai/ https://www.instagram.com/nunacompanion/
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Emilie Colsted

Psychologist and developer

Thomas B. Kjølhede

Head of Growth

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