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Virtual Reality (VR) has been prophesied big potential within industries such as visual media and entertainment due to its sound and visual interaction possibilities. However, it has not been a prominent tool when it comes to creating and working with audio for spatial sound, although it integrates well with binaural audio. This paper investigates if VR is a medium standard for work within this field and how VR's sensory and interactive benefits can be utilized to create a product more competent for mixing spatial audio, than traditional computer controls. A virtual environment and dynamic binaural synthesis using HRIRs is implemented both as a VR version and a computer version. It is evaluated on composers and professional mix engineers with the task being to replicate a pre-made mix. Simultaneously a focus group interview on music production experts is conducted to get general opinions and thoughts about the product. The results show no significant difference between the two programs but the results, however, hint towards the VR being a worthy tool for both efficiently and precisely placing audio in a desirable position in a 3D space.
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Anders Bargum

Programmer, Project Manager

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