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Poppy Paper is as a sustainable and customizable alternative to real flowers. The flowers are hand-made using high quality Italian crepe paper, that is FSC approved. "Poppy paper was created by us, Sara and Amanda, we live in Copenhagen where we study entrepreneurship and design. We love decorating our home, but as full time students, buying new flowers each week was not something we could afford. We saw the need for a more sustainable alternative to the flower industry, and our dream to make a change began." - Sara V. Halvorsen and Amanda K. Gundersen (co-founders and designers) A Need for Change Freshly cut flowers is a mass production industry that provides huge amounts of CO2 emissions. One single flower produces approximately 3kg CO2, because of the shortened cycle for flowers grown in green houses. After seeing the need for change, Poppy Paper was founded with the idea of creating a reusable cycle to reduce waste. The only thing required from the customers is to send their flowers back whenever they want and Poppy Paper can reuse the materials in new bouquets. By offering a wide range of colours and styles, Poppy Paper aims to meet each and every customer's expectations as well as personal aesthetic and style. www.poppypaper.dk
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Amanda K. Gundersen

Co-Founder & Designer

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