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Remake of Onboarding Experience

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Remake of Onboarding Experience preview
Remake of Onboarding Experience preview
Remake of Onboarding Experience preview
Remake of Onboarding Experience preview
Remake of Onboarding Experience preview
  • Description


    During 1st and 2nd quarter of 2021, the product team from Feats has spent a great deal of time assessing gaps between the platform's proposed value, specific product mechanics, and the way (new) members' understand these things - or don't.

    This is critical since Feats' primary strategy for driving value to members is enabling them to add projects and get recognised for their roles in those projects. This means, that the core of the Feats platform are projects, and the people in them. Hence, making sure the invitation of people to projects is the primary way to let people get recognition for their work, and that process also drives member signups for Feats.

    This focus has, amongst other outputs, therefore led to a re-design of the invitation and onboarding process to the platform, which takes into account that invites happen across devices and time-shifts.


    Make the introduction of Feats simpler, faster and more sticky for new members on both desktop and mobile.

    This consisted of a multitude of interests and task to be done in 1 flow of actions:

    From project invitation, to invitation email, to project introduction (practically and conceptually), to signing up to a new platform, to role verification (practically and conceptually), to adding roles to projects, and to seeing and using the platform for the first time.


    The team approached the task with a "high-priority" mindset, which means we were committed to go through as many iterations as needed to get it right (we did 9!). Anything else was a high risk for something this important for the platform.

    It was also critical to balance which information was introduced when, as well as bot not making the process too long but also not 'cheat' our users with lack of transparency. In order words: Efficiency, timely and honest information were balanced across multiple actions in 1 flow.


    The solution is a radically changed and improved flow from end to end:

    Communication: We made sure that wording is sharp and on the premise of a newcomer, as well as ensuring that expectations are managed transparently.

    Email template: Revamped, personal and contextually recognisable with minimal "just-in-time" information about the Feats platform. Rest of the focus is on the actual work, the people and 1 CTA.

    Flow: Biggest decision = oppose "growth-first" temptation and be honest up front about need for signing up. Why? Honesty, transparancy and quality > quantity decision. Rest is based on a just-in-time approach to information suitable for different user behaviours across devices and mentalities (e.g. a fast, "just want to be done" user on mobile vs. a thorough, "what is this thing" user on desktop).

    Design: Dedicated onboarding flow with the actual platform only revealing itself in the end. Focus on contextual visuals all the way, as well as a 1-step at a time and friendly, simple copy nudging. Best practice usability and UX applied to ensure information density, affordance clarity, minimising input errors and enforcing honest design.

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      Signe Roswall

      Design Lead

      Michael Sherain


      Mayursinh Sarvaiya

      Frontend Developer

      Erik Fiala

      Product Designer

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