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Campaign creation from idea to production by Fern. Stills Kia Hartelius. Director Kia Hartelius & Jeppe Kolstrup. DP Jakob Møller. Editing and color Jonas Bech. Sound Emil Wilhelmsen. Stills assistant Sissel Abel. Climate score: 96,2% Total carbon footprint estimated: 512 kg Total amount CO2 compensated: 4.31 Tonnes About SELECTED FEMME/HOMME is an international clothing brand with sustainability as core value. Responsibly Crafted. With craftmanship at the heart of everything Selected does, using more sustainable fibres is a natural part of developing and delivering their curated collections. To them, sustainability isn’t merely an add-on. It’s not a capsule collection, but something that permeates every collection. They strive for every collection to be more sustainable than the last. Read the full climate report here: https://www.greenproducers.club/report/5e873af29e20c500043eadfe www.fernstudio.dk
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Sissel Abel

Photographer assistant & behind the scenes photographer

Kia Hartelius


Jacob Møller


Cihan Oliver Arac

SELECTED FEMME Collaboration Responsible

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