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Shimmering Sea Ceiling

Water is the element of nature that crystal emulates most. Whether the sparkle of sunlight on the ocean or the refraction of light through ice, water is by far the greatest inspiration for those designing with glass and crystal. The challenge was to create an entirely new exploration of this connection to nature in an installation that worked effectively for the constraints of a trade fair booth. It had to be able to be installed within a day and disassembled in half that time. The entire installation is made with one hexagonal tile structured in such a way that the connections of the tiles create a robust frame that enables the entire structure to be shaped into an organic form with suspension cables. Strategically placed moving head RGB LED lights projected a shifting pattern onto the ceiling of cool blues and violets, while white down-lights also projected a much softer water pattern onto the floor and the visitors below. The crystal-encrusted, mirrored surface acts as a pattern screen, and as the “surface” of the water above.
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