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Witanhurst House is London’s second-largest private residence - second only to Buckingham Palace. The client wanted a grand entrance chandelier in the traditional Georgian style and as incredible as any chandelier in Buckingham Palace. To design this chandelier in the old traditions meant every single chandelier element had to be bespoke, coming together in an exquisite composition. The project required balancing traditional craftsmanship in cast metal, crystal, and glass with an innovative approach. On the lower tier, swans are gliding along the surface of the water with water jets spraying around and ornate foliage growing out of the fountain. On the top tier, the swans take flight. The idea came as a response to the additional challenge from the client that the chandelier have gold-plated cast metal arms when a traditional Georgian chandelier is entirely made of glass. The visual story is rooted in Georgian-style heritage, while still setting the stage for combining the two materials to powerful effect. Images of the final chandelier are not available due to the privacy of the client.
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