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Swarovski by You is an on-demand fashion jewelry personalization service that is easily accessible via mobile devices. Customers can have fun customizing special Swarovski jewelry collections from their phones and receive their creations either by in-store pick-up or by mail. It is Gift Solutions meets On-Demand Service. This project addressed a range of business challenges. The future of Swarovski Retail was under pressure. In addition to the average Swarovski customer purchasing only twice a year, there was sales erosion in key markets due to increased competition in fashion jewelry, the rise of ‘bridge’ jewelry (fine+fashion), declining in-store foot traffic, and consumer migration to digital shopping. For 125 years the global power of the Swarovski brand has been rooted in its Austrian product excellence. The goal was to move customers from a primarily product relationship with Swarovski to a product+service relationship. This was achieved by embedding the excitement of discovering and experiencing a piece in the process of making it. Swarovski's Paris Design Studio, and Imago Design, helped in the development of two jewelry collections that leveraged the capabilities of advances in 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing for Jewelry Production, Parametric Design with API technology, and 360° Touch Screen User Interface optimized for mobile devices. When the user is “playing” with configurations to make their jewelry, they don’t realize that they are also producing the production files for their product. The Twikit platform transforms digital input (3D file, 3D scan, AI) to a configurable format for visual customization and digital manufacturing. This project and prototype was an answer to the question, "What does the future relationship look like between a fashion brand and its Customers?".
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Veronika Widmann

Project Lead

Martin Granig

Vice President Innovation / Project Owner

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