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Case As part of a strategy to position Zurich Airport as a leading destination for business, culture and lifestyle, the airport conceptualised “THE CIRCLE at Zurich Airport”. A 180.000 m2 ambitious building complex housing leading brands, restaurants, art, hotels, health services, offices and conference halls. The elegant and minimalistic building is created by world renowned architect Riken Yamamoto. It will be connected to the airport through fluid way finding, communication and identity. Approach Though a simplistic approach, LOOP Associates aimed to make the journey to and trough The Circle simple and effortless, by using warmth, clarity, and unity between all elements. The identity builds on a strong idea of connecting both experience, way finding and connectivity into one. LOOP Associates are identity advisors throughout the project, both with traditional identity elements, but also working closely with the famed Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto to incorporate identity elements that will influence the building itself. THE CIRCLE is Switzerland’s largest construction site and because of the immense size, the project is thought of as new city rather than a building. Result THE CIRCLE is defined by an ambitious vision, expressed through its architectural magnificence and the cultural diversity within the structure. The design concept of THE CIRCLE sprouted from the narrow, winding streets of old Zurich. For the Visual Identity, LOOP Associates has taken that feeling and revived it in THE CIRCLE through our design language. THE CIRCLE” is scheduled to open beginning 2020.
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Mike Ingvorsen

3D visualization

LOOP Associates

Design Agency

Jan Nielsen

Creative director

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