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The Lotus Eye Crystal was inspired by a droplet of water on a lotus flower petal and the shape of an eye. The idea was to reverse light's journey into the eye and imagine the eye emitting light. A cylindrical lens channels the light and mixes the color, while an aspherical lens acts as a projector isolating this functionality from the faceted body. Light refraction, aka sparkle, only occurs when the Lotus Eye receives light. The crystal utilizes the technology of the Swarolens S02 and is a study in obsessive precision in design, engineering and science - bringing two opposing functionalities channeled light and sparkle into one beautiful component without compromise. The Lotus Eye Crystal was created in collaboration with the Swarovski Applied Research Division, Light & Optics team, Swarovski Custom Production, and Lead Designer, Mark Smith in a process that took over three years with special consultation from Osram Germany and Maramoja Projects.
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Herman ter Hennepe

Design & Engineering Consultant

Markus Sauer

Optical designer

Benton Delinger

Owner's Project Manager

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