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The task given by Marriott International was to create something “Cool, Coastal California”. It had to be an eye-catching piece of art while also providing all the functional lighting needed in the Pre-Function Ballroom space. Designing in close collaboration with architecture firm, TVS Design, Tidal is a highly-engineered, nebulous sculpture that runs 27 ft. across and 57 ft. long, floating seamlessly with no visible connectors in a canopy and runs flush with the undulating soffit ceiling. It is accompanied by simple pendant lights that illuminate the texture and expanse of the piece with shadow play and glittering reflections of the crystal strands. The material and form create a sense of magnitude that harmoniously complements the space without breaking a tight budget. Officially considered a public art piece for the city, it is as visible to Marriott visitors as it is to the public, glowing through the double-height, clear glazed windows. Inspiration for the sculpture was drawn from a section of the La Jolla mountains, which are visible from the hotel property, as they appear reflected in the water.
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Mark Smith

Artist and Designer

Lisa Marks

parametric consultant

James Joseph Montefusco

Project Engineer

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