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TripDoodler is a travel planning tool designed to enable travelers to build their travel plans based on more sustainable travel choices and also to share their past trips with other travelers. My project company needed help with creating UX and UI design for: 1. Copying items of shared trip plans from other users to your own dashboard, and create a new plan based on it 2. Search in the TripDoodler community for trip ideas from friends or travelers you follow based on sustainability and/or regular travel parameters. The company thought of a new idea for traveling- traveling in a more sustainable way, where people should travel and explore new places, but also respect and protect nature. That is why they created a travel planning tool (web app) that enables travelers to collect, plan, and share travel with their community. https://www.figma.com/file/WtczgTk4Ts2O0m0NAJmziQ/TripDoodler?node-id=0:1
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