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Hjerteløber (Heartrunners)

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    Every year, 4,000 Danes fall victim to cardiac arrest, and action in the first minutes is crucial to the survival rate. The first one to step in is, therefore, the most important one. With the TrygFonden Hjerteløber scheme, it has become easier for powerful Danes to join. Here, Danes over the age of 18 can volunteer to run for someone else's life through an app. Against this backdrop, the objectives of the campaign were: 1) Recruitment of multiple heart runners and 2) Dissemination of qualified knowledge of the scheme to break down barriers by taking action. Media target group: Danes 20-50 years, who themselves believe that they can and will take action. Media strategy: We launched the campaign with a hero film aimed at setting the agenda, strengthening the Danes' knowledge and interest in the scheme, and creating the best conditions for the press. We put in place an activation strategy for the fiery souls that the TrygFonden has already mobilized: Existing heart runners, Facebook fans, and lifeguards who act as an extended arm for the paid media plan. After massive pressure in the first week of earning great organic coverage (+50%), interest and publicity, we collected unique coverage on web TV and cinema in the following weeks, as well as started activation on SoMe, which was message-driven by behavioral segments. Results: 45% spoke to others about the Heart Runner scheme, corresponding to 280,350 calls. 48% wanted to become a heart runner, equivalent to 300,000 Danes. The campaign has increased the number of heart runners by 9,000, which is a 25% increase, all running to save more lives.


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