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Getting the perfect ring for the perfect moment takes up a lot of dedication, and puts a lot of pressure both on the giver and on the smith who forges it. Making sure that the transition process from idea to concept and concept to creation is made effortlessly and efficiently is crucial to the outcome. In 2017, the main concept visualization method used by most smiths is still hand drawings based on the customer’s feedback, which might not always translate into the initial idea. Being well-renowned gold and silversmith suppliers in the Nordics, Aktiv Guld is very much aware of this problem. In order to improve the communication between manufacturer and customer, Aktiv Guld wanted to create a 3D tool that could help the end customers to visualize their initial idea much better. With this in mind, a Virtual Reality software was created that empowers the user with the necessary tools to shape the perfect ring. Aktiv Guld became a pioneer in the smith industry by merging VR with jewelry. They toured the most important industry trade shows in the world showcasing the innovative tool. https://khora.com/ https://www.aktivguld.com/da
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Peter Fisher

Technical Lead


VR/AR Studio

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