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VR Training for Personal Care

The Knowledge Center for Welfare Technology / East works with pedagogy and digital opportunities, social and health (SOSU) competencies and implementation in practice. SOSU H. and SOSU Nykøbing F. are schools where the knowledge center is operated from while offering education facilities for Social and Pedagogy workers and assistants. The Knowledge Center for Welfare Technology / East has chosen to work with VR in teaching, for a trial period of three years, after which the learning outcomes will be evaluated. Khora has helped built a simulation training module, where students can be placed in a safe environment and practice some of the tasks and procedures which they are taught through education. This can, for example, be how to follow correct hygiene procedures when interacting with a citizen, or how to check for wounds on a citizen’s body, etc. The ambition with this VR training simulation is to give students early insights into some of the tasks, which some students might fear, to prepare and inform them better on what their future job is going to be like.
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